Seamless load transfer

Seamless load transfer

The main task of “seamless” load switching is to guarantee the supply of energy to consumers without switching interruptions, “dips” or “surges” in voltage and frequency, which lead to a shutdown of the technological cycle, loss of data, failure of high-tech equipment or malfunction of life support systems .

For example, while switching from one 35 kV network input to another, during emergency switching, a power failure occurs for at least 5-10 seconds, which, as an example for a large industrial enterprise, is fraught with a violation of the technological cycle for a day or more.

At the time of peaks, switching, voltage sagging at the start of powerful consumers, guaranteed power systems based on supercapacitors (ionistors) come to the rescue.

Solution (for example, the 1st category of energy supply):

Network Input 1 + Network Input 2

Input 3 from an autonomous source, on the consumer side (MTU, GasGenset, Gas Turbine Genset, emergency Diesel Genset, classic UPS)

An energy storage device consisting of supercapacitors is connected to the switchgear from the load side of the consumer.


  • High power density – the most effective stabilization of current parameters during sudden and significant changes in power.
  • High charge / discharge rate – effective use in energy recovery systems and pulse power compensation.
  • A wide range of operating temperatures from -40 to 65 ° C, which ensures their use in various street systems without special climate systems.
  • A service life of more than 10 years (one million charge / discharge cycles), which eliminates the need for frequent replacements (compared to classic batteries) and minimizes operating costs.
  • Unprecedented environmental friendliness – supercapacitors do not emit harmful gases during operation and are completely airtight, which eliminates the need for operating costs and environmental costs.
  • Compactness, small size and weight compared to classic batteries.
  • Parallel operation with any energy sources (via the DC bus) – MTU, Gas Genset, Diesel Genset, Solar electro station, wind farm, network, etc.
  • Lowest cost of ownership — lifetime maintenance — not required.
  • When building autonomous energy centers, the scheme – allows you to get away from the backup scheme of the main generating equipment from “N + 2” to the “N + 1” or “N + supercapacitor” schemes.


• High unit cost of 1 kW of installed capacity (for primary investments)