Pererabotka TBO i generatsiya

The Institute of Electrophysics and Electric Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences has developed unique technologies in the priority areas of modern science and technology. They are aimed at solving environmental problems in the field of elimination of newly generated and accumulated hazardous and toxic wastes. Also in the field of renewable energy for the production of electric and thermal energy from constantly generated carbon-containing substances, such as, for example, solid municipal and agricultural waste.

A feature of these highly efficient and environmentally friendly technologies is the use of high temperatures obtained in special devices – plasmatrons, where air or other gas is heated by an electric discharge. This, combined with the residence time, allows decomposition into elementary components of any organic compounds.

The developed technology, which has no analogues in Europe and America, allows to utilize organic agricultural waste and get cheap electricity and heat, as well as other products for subsequent commercial use. The technology is associated with the production of artificial combustible gas from carbon-containing substances – synthesis gas – a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which is subsequently used as fuel for the latest Aurelia gas turbine unit, produced in international cooperation by a partner of The Institute of Electrophysics and Electric Power of the Russian Academy of Sciences -private company Smart Energy.

For the first time, this twin-shaft technology has been applied in this gas turbine Unit, which allows the most efficient use of fuel with unprecedented, for today, efficiency class of turbine generators (> 40%).

Thereby to the combined use of plasmatrons and gas turbines Aurelia the technology allows you to receive up to 1 kWh of electrical energy with 1 kg of the starting substance. The raw materials for this technology can be solid municipal waste and such types of agricultural waste as oilcake, straw, husk, bird droppings, horse or pig manure, etc., wood products – shavings, flooded bark, needles, etc.

The introduction of the proposed technology will solve environmental problems and increase the efficiency of agricultural enterprises in the regions.