Intelligent UPTP

Intelligent UPTP


In order to utilize synthesis gases, waste gases of chemical and petrochemical industries, a solution with a medium-power turbine generator is used.

The heat from the combustion of mixed gas, which comes from the separation unit of the carbohydrates, the booster pump station from the installation for capturing light fractions through an intermediate heat carrier is transferred to the turbine generator for work, as a result of which electricity and heat are generated.

Heat is spent on heating process media and oil in heat exchangers.

Consumers and generators of electricity are united into a single system. The power balance in an isolated or networked system is controlled by a microgrid controller.

Microgrid controller uses distributed generation from microturbine and / or ORC-turbine generator, external network. The smart system automatically switches between energy sources, and, if necessary, can use them simultaneously.

A power system based on the smart grid concept allows «plug and play» distribution of electricity between consumers and generators. The system does not have any secondary wiring or wireless network to control.


  • Low quality APG is used as fuel
  • The unit can also be used for heat recovery, in a fuel-free mode with the same turbine configuration
  • High electrical efficiency
  • Mobility


  • Compactness
  • Obtaining heat carriers with different temperature conditions
  • Generation of direct current (DC)
  • Automatic power distribution without human intervention using a microgrid controller (MG)
  • Flexible regulation
  • Fire safety (indirect heating of oil)
  • Lack of freezing circuits
  • Block execution
  • Multi-fuel