Intelligent field

Intelligent field

In order to utilize APG at the field and generate electricity, a technical solution is used with low-power microturbine generators.

APG from the well, after separation of the liquid fraction, is fed to a microturbine and a boiler, where it is burned as fuel, thus generating electricity and heat. Heat from the MTU and the boiler is consumed to heat the oil emulsion (LFL), and electricity is used for the field’s own needs.

Consumers and generators of electricity are united into a single system. The power balance in an isolated or networked system is controlled by a microgrid controller.

The microgrid controller uses distributed generation from a turbine generator. A power system based on the smart grid concept allows  automatic distribution of electricity. The «plug and play» principle connects consumers and generators. The system does not have any secondary wiring or wireless network to control.

The separation efficiency of the emulsion is achieved due to the wellbore Free Water Knock-Out (FWKO) and crude oil heating. Excess gas and water after FWKO  is returned to the reservoir through the reservoir pressure maintenance according to the WAG scheme.


  • Remote control and start-up without operator
  • No parts under high overpressure
  • Mobility
  • Completed cycle
  • Low quality APG is used as fuel
  • Possibility of obtaining heat carriers of different temperatures simultaneously
  • Optional: reduction of oil water cut


  • Installation is modular, does not require the involvement of specialized personnel for installation and maintenance
  • The unit allows performing maintenance in a short time, and has quickly replaceable main components
  • Generation of direct current (DC)
  • Automatic power distribution without human intervention using a micro-grid controller (MG)
  • Duration of service life not less than 30 years