Increase in efficiency for gas turbine power plants

Increase in efficiency for gas turbine power plants


In order to reduce the emission of flue gases from the GTPP and generate additional energy, a technical solution with ORC is used.

The recovered heat is transferred to the ORC through an intermediate heat carrier for work, as a result of which additional electrical energy and waste heat are generated, which can be used for heating or technological needs.


  • Automatic regulation of the heat and electricity production system depending on the specified technological parameters
  • Generation of energy by utilizing waste heat
  • Cogeneration mode of operation (electric + thermal energy with the possibility of regulation for each type up to excluding the production of one of the types of energy)
  • Possibility of obtaining several heat carriers of different temperatures simultaneously
  • High energy efficiency – 85% of the calorific value of the starting fuel
  • Generation of additional energy up to 25% of the installed capacity of the GTPP without additional fuel costs PERFORMANCE


  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Easy of maintenance and commissioning
  • Work in automatic / offline mode
  • Low cost of ownership and operation (low maintenance, no fuel preparation)
  • High efficiency of the power plant in cogeneration mode
  • Minimum service