In order to generate electricity for the GPU’s own needs from flue gases, a technical solution with a low-power ORC turbine generator is used. The recovered heat is transferred to the ORC-turbine generator to perform work, as a result of which electricity is generated, which can be used  for the own needs of the gas compressor unit or Dry cooler gas.

Technical advantages

  • Can be supplied with GPU as an option
  • The system is static, contains no moving parts and, as a result, has zero wear
  • Remote control and start-up without operator
  • No parts under high overpressure 

Performance  benefits

  • Can be as both the main source of energy and a reserve
  • Power generation without fuel costs
  • Reduction of flue gas emissions
  • Installation is modular, does not require the involvement of specialized personnel for installation and maintenance
  • The unit allows performing maintenance in a short time, and has quickly replaceable main components
  • Duration of service life not less than 30 years